Episcopal Resurrection

Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and on those in the tombs bestowing life! Alleluia!

This website is the result of conversations over the last few months among a group of Episcopalians who are passionate about our church’s health and witness to the world. We believe that we have reached a critical juncture in the life of our church, and respectfully submit A Memorial to the Church calling for our beloved Episcopal Church to recommit itself to the spiritual disciplines at the core of our common life, to go into our neighborhoods boldly with church planters and church revitalizers, and to restructure our church for the mission God is laying before us today. We hope for the renewal of our beloved church. We offer A Memorial to the Church along with many signatories from across the church. These signatories support the vision of the Memorial and its call to action.

In addition to the Memorial, we have submitted a set of resolutions for consideration by the 78th General Convention of The Episcopal Church to be held in Salt Lake City starting June 23, 2015. We believe these resolutions, if adopted, would significantly help our church in its work. Please note that signers of A Memorial to the Church may or may not support these resolutions.

We ask you to do several things:

  • Pray for our church and its leaders.
  • Read the Memorial and the resolutions here. Discuss them with your colleagues and post comments on this site.
  • If you’d like to join the movement and sign the Memorial along with us, send an email to endorse@episcopalresurrection.org with your full name, and also indicate if you are a bishop, deputy, alternate deputy, or other. All Episcopalians are welcome to sign, and you can sign onto the Memorial without agreeing with the resolutions.
  • If you find yourself drawn to the Memorial or any of the resolutions, please share them with others.
  • Discuss your hopes for The Episcopal Church and its General Convention with your bishops and deputies.
  • Above all, we say again, pray daily for the church.

To learn more about the people behind this website, visit the About page.

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