D010: Clarify Officers of the Episcopal Church

Adam Trambley writes about the resolution “D010: Clarify Officers of the Episcopal Church” here: The Black Giraffe: Clarify Officers Resolution where he writes in part:

Two points are worth noting by way of introduction. First, our resolution really is primarily about clarifying the roles of our officers. The canons describing our leadership is an amalgamation of the positions necessary for running our General Convention, of the by-laws of the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society, and of the duties of Executive Council officers, with various means of linking them having grown up over time. This resolution does its best to clarify and systematize these offices, while keeping them as consistent as possible in different parts of the canons.

Second, in clarifying the roles, we have focused on authority, responsibility and accountability. Officers should be accountable to the people or bodies who created them, and the bodies creating them should also be the ones defining the scope of their responsibilities. Since Executive Council is the body responsible for carrying out the work of General Convention between conventions, the Executive Council is the body to whom most, but not all, officers are responsible.

Trambley continues by working through the resolution, clarifying its intent and showing its effect on positions in the churchwide governance including the Presiding Bishop, President of the House of Deputies, Executive Director, and others. He also addresses Resolution D006: Amend Canons I.3 and I.4.3.

The Black Giraffe: Clarify Officers of the Episcopal Church Resolution

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