Renewal of the Church and all creation

Nurya Love Parish writes for The Living Church on the renewal of the church and the renewal of creation saying, “The renewal of the Church and of Creation will require people who know in their bones that the path to life leads through sacrifice and death.” She writes,

One could say that the Episcopal Church was in the performance loop throughout most of the twentieth century. But now it is (past) time for the Episcopal Church to enter the learning loop. Through God’s grace, this is already occurring. Not only are initiatives beginning within individual dioceses, but General Convention 2012 agreed that “this General Convention believes the Holy Spirit is urging The Episcopal Church to reimagine itself.” More recently, the group that gathered to write a Memorial and draft resolutions to the church urged the church to “lose our life for Jesus’ sake so that we might save it.”

From Crisis to Renewal: the Episcopal Church and all creation

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