D009: Revitalization of Congregations

At his Draughting Theology blog, Steve Pankey writes about the resolution fostering congregational revitalization: Why Resurrection? Some thoughts on D009. He writes,

The goal of Resolution D009 is to put in concrete terms what TREC left a little too airy in their Final Report, namely their invitation to “enter into a season of sustained focus on what it means for us in this moment, in our various local contexts, to follow Jesus, together, into the neighborhood, and to travel lightly.” In D009, we’ve asked General Convention to set aside $1 million in order to begin creating the structures that will be required to help congregations who though they admit they are dead, are readily seeking resurrection. While this seems like a lot of money, it is really only a drop in the bucket of the investment that must be made if we are going to help revitalize our existing congregations, and it is our hope that the Development Office will, alongside their work raising funds for new church plants, begin to fund a Congregation Revitalization Venture Fund that will fund grants to existing congregations with high potential for growth.

Of course, none of this will work if we just throw money at the problem. Instead, the funds are only one part of a four-pronged approach to identify, support, and facilitate congregational revitalization.

The full text of his post is online here: Why Resurrection? Some thoughts on D009

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