D019: Conduct an Online Digital Evangelism Test

Frank Logue writes about a resolution calling the church to Conduct an Online Digital Evangelism Test building on the work already completed by Jake Dell, the Episcopal Church’s Manager, Digital Marketing and Advertising Sales. He says,

Like supplicants seeking direction from the Oracle at Delphi, we go to the internet intent on finding an answer. We pick up or tablet or phone or open up a browser on our computer and we ask a search engine to guide us as that key decision points occurs. And beyond product reviews, restaurant recommendations, and the rest of the micro-moment decisions, people around the world ask:

  • Does God love me?
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Will I go to heaven?

Being there in those micro-moments also flips the script on Evangelism. Instead of being a nuisance, the digital evangelist answers the actual questions a person has in the moment when she or he really wants guidance.

Read more about the resolution at Frank’s Loose Canon blog: The Opportunity in Digital Evangelism at #GC78


  1. Lisa Fox

    Interesting notion. But where is the text of the resolution? I went to his blog and was going to ask that, but comments are closed there. Linky, please. 🙂

  2. Episcopal Resurrection (Post author)

    The resolution is online here: D019 Conducting an Online Digital Evangelism Test. Also, the resolutions offered here are in “Resolutions” tab above.

  3. Shannon Morris

    Great Idea! So many Episcopalians are turned off by the word “Evangelism” because they don’t want our wonderful church to be like those annoying, door-to-door, megaphone-on-a-street-corner, in-your-face, ANNOYING! “Jesus Shouters!


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