Episcopal Resurrection Resolutions – Where Are They Now

A wrap up on what happened to the Memorial and the resolutions put forward to the 78th General Convention of the Episcopal Church. 6 resolutions passed essentially unchanged; 2 resolutions passed with modifications; one resolution discharged, but with significant provisions combined into another resolution; one resolution caused intense conversation and was referred to a study committee. One Memorial changed the conversation around the church.

D019: Conduct an Online Digital Evangelism Test

Beyond searching the internet for product reviews, restaurant recommendations, and the rest of the micro-moment decisions, people around the world ask Does God love me?, Who is Jesus?, and Will I go to heaven? Being there in those micro-moments also flips the script on Evangelism. Instead of being a nuisance, the digital evangelist answers the actual questions a person has in the moment when she or he really wants guidance. Frank Logue writes on a resolution calling the church to Conducting an Online Digital Evangelism Test.

D005: Creating a Capacity to Plant Churches

In this round up of links to posts on D005: Creating the Capacity to Plant Churches, Adam Trambley explains the church planting resolution itself while Susan Brown Snook makes an excellent case for starting new congregations based on research for her book on Episcopal church planting, and Frank Logue busts myths common in church planting discussions and offers the truth he has observed in 18 years of working with new Episcopal congregations.